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Nickname: Katia

Katia Vega is a Beauty Tech Designer and a post-doctoral researcher at PUC-Rio. She got her PhD in Computer Science at the Department of Informatics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) under the supervision of Prof. Hugo Fuks. She got her master degree at the same department and under the supervision of the same professor. She is a System and Informatics Engineer graduated from the National University of San Marcos (Peru). She was a Research Assistant in the Wearables Lab at the Hong Kong Baptist University. Founder, Consultant and Trainer of Soluciones Racionales (Peru). She is a specialist on IBM Rational Tools and she got the following certifications: IBM Certified Specialist in Rational Unified Process, IBM WebSphere Solution Sales Professional and IBM Certified Deployment Professional in Rational RequisitePro. Her currently research areas are beauty technology, wearable computers, virtual worlds and groupware.

e-mail: katia AT katiavega.com

Résumé: http://katiavega.com/

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